Spoiling Our Students Was a Lot of Fun!

Saturday, May 1, 2021 | Spirit Week, Drum Bus

Our first annual Student Appreciation event was a lot of fun! It was great to see everyone who turned out for the Drum Bus and stayed to play some games and win some prizes. At the end, after most of our friends left, the teachers hopped on the bus for some beats with Mike Liston. It was really fun to learn some new rhythms, play them opposite each other, and discover organic rhythms that naturally flowed as we improvised together. I asked Mike to share some of his experiences working with kids in school settings and he shared some touching stories of kids who developed skills over a semester's time and how he was able to reach some kids as they relaxed and learned to play as a team and self-express on the drums. I especially enjoyed working with the other teachers in our area. Sending shout outs to:

Jennette Kilgrow from Springville for keeping the balloons going and helping out in the puppet show room, Kathy Nelson from Salem for running the music games and puppet shows in the studio, Melodie Weston from Springville for running the prize spinner and music game booth, Lauren Pollock from Mapleton for organizing people waiting for a turn on the Drum Bus, Amy Clements from Spanish Fork for running the Balloon Booth and helping out wherever she was needed, and my amazing husband and best friend, Sam, for cooking all the hot dogs!

Enjoy some of pics of our Drum Day and hope to see you all again next year!