bridge logo final.jpgBridge Classes with Amy Clements in Spanish Fork

What is Bridge?

This fun and thorough curriculum is an extension of LPM, designed to take the LPM grad’s skills to a new level, truly transitioning them to private piano lessons. Carefully crafted lesson include instruction on ear training, harmony, melody, sight reading, rhythm, music history, theory, technique and musicality.

Why Bridge?

LPM graduates will review, explore, expand, and gain a remarkable understanding of music as they build on the foundation they have worked so carefully to develop over the last three years.

• Theory is fun and interactive

• Continue chord-heavy repertoire

• On and off the bench learning

• Technique accompaniment tracks

• Learn to build and play over 10 scales, chord progressions, arpeggios and inversions

• Learn the names, functions and Roman Numerals for chords

• Learn the V7 chord (the “new yellow”)

• Identify major key signatures for sharps and flats

• Compose a piece using chord progressions

• Recognize melodic and harmonic intervals

• One on one time with teacher PLUS group interactions, smaller classes 3-5 students

• Perform as a soloist and in ensembles

• Learn time signatures: 2/4, 2/3, 4/4, 3/8, 6/8

• Continue rhythmic dictation

• Increase knowledge of musical terms and symbols

• Twice as much instruction time as a traditional private piano lesson

• Continue solfege and add minor terms

• Sight reading proficiency.

Those who complete the Bridge program will develop a deeper confidence in their musical abilities, helping them succeed in private piano lessons or other further music instruction.

Mrs. Amy’s Bridge Lessons Fall 2022

This is a musically rich program requiring extensive preparation on the teacher’s part. After Let's Play Music, no other course can compare to what Bridge students are offered on a weekly basis.

Bridge A – 37 week course

Bridge Accelerated moves very quickly, but is so exciting and fun. To be successful, students will need to practice about 45 min. 5 days a week. For students that push themselves and played all songs hands together in 3rd year LPM. Begins the week of August 15. Tuition is 10 payments $89 ($445 for each semester) plus $35 registration fee (Venmo – LPMwithAmy)

Bridge B – 2 year, 8 months per year, follows Let’s Play Music schedule

Bridge B, moves at a medium, yet engaging pace. It requires about 30 minutes of daily practice for success, and allows students to take the time to push themselves to play the songs at the higher levels with added melody and more advanced chord rhythms. This class enables students to continue advancing their piano skills at a fun, moderate pace. Begins the week of August 22. Tuition is $89 per month. ($356 each semester) plus $35 registration fee (Venmo – LPMwithAmy)

To Enroll: text or email Amy to receive enrollment information and access to Google doc class sign-up, pay $35 registration fee to Amy at LPMwithAmy on Venmo, purchase materials online. $69 for materials set – books, cds, etc.($45 for sibling set)to be purchased on letsplaymusicsite.com. Amy will also send you her studio information and specific summer preparation for the optional Summer Connections Camp.

Mrs. Amy’s class times are: Monday 3:20-4:20, 4:30-5:30pm, Tuesday 7:30-8:30am, Wednesday 7:30-8:30am

Summer Connections Camp: A 4-day camp to get the kids geared up for Bridge, Camp fee $95, Date TBD.

Contact Amy: 1488 E 1200 S Spanish Fork, UT, Amy Clements 801-376-6922, amy@1791.com