The Great Outdoors is one of the brand-new official curricula for Sound Beginnings students. This themed experience continues the playful music and preschool exposure for children ages 0-4 you have grown to love. All of the songs included in this session will have something to do with the great outdoors. We will also incorporate other typical preschool concepts such as colors and sequencing including one song introducing children to the concept of cardinal directions! Materials include a class activity booklet, a musical instrument and themed album. 

Tuition & Class Details:

  • $90 tuition for one child; $110 for two children - due May 31st
  • Classes begin Tuesday May 31st and go through July 19th
  • Tuition paid by cash or Venmo (@MusicWithRos)
  • Class is 30 minutes
  • Parent or caregiver attends each class
  • Siblings ages 0-4 may attend
  • 6-9 students in class 

Registration Details:

  1. No registration fee!
  2. Select Tuesdays at 9:30 or 10:15
  3. Enroll and reserve materials online here: https://bit.ly/my_enrollment
  4. Teacher code: 2288

Please text or call Miss Ros with any questions: 801-380-9265

*If you are looking for the full-length semester experience, enrollment is open for the Fall White Horses Semester using the same link: https://bit.ly/my_enrollment

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